Let's go somewhere with the Traveling Trio
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Episode 01 - Trenčín, Slovakia

Western Slovakia

Join The Traveling Trio to learn about castles and see a real knight tournament. A visit to a folk festival gives the Trio a chance to see other children performing traditional dances and playing traditional musical instruments.You'll also try some traditional food, meet a class of Slovak fifth graders, and lots more!


Episode 02 - Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Come along as the Trio visits the Český Krumlov. We'll take you along as we climb to the top of the castle tower. Then check out the Baroque Theater, feed huge brown bears by hand, raft down the rapids of a rushing river and go deep underground to see how graphite is mined!
There's a lot of fun and adventure in Český Krumlov, so grab your passport and let's go!

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Episode 03 - Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

The Traveling Trio goes to Warsaw, Poland where they join three local kids for a personal tour of the Old Town, New Town, the palace and the Royal Castle.
You'll learn all about this city that was leveled during World War II. Learn all about the Warsaw Uprising, the Jewish Ghetto and even how kids traveled through the sewer system to deliver secret messages during the war.


Episode 04 - The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia


Join The Traveling Trio as they visit the ruins of an abandonded fortress high above the sea. After taking a mud bath, go dancing in the streets of the tiny village of Nin. Then travel south the city of Split, which was once the palace of a Roman Emperor.

There's a lot to do in Croatia, so grab your passport and let's go!


Episode 05 - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Come along as the Trio takes a ride on a funicular train, visits the grounds of Buda Castle and explores the spooky labyrinth below the castle. Then spend an afternoon at the Szechenyi Baths before taking a boat trip on the Danube River to meet two boys who play in a band of Roma musicians.



Episode 06 - Kraków, Poland

Krakow, Poland Come along with Olivia, Ingram and Everett as they visit Kraków, Poland. The history of this amazing city starts with a fire-breathing dragon. You'll also learn about World War II. Can you imagine licking the walls of a mineshaft? The Traveling Trio can. They licked the walls of a 700-year old salt mine and thought it tasted great! There's plenty to see and do in Kraków, so grab your passport and let's go! Sneak Peek

Episode 07 - San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

There's lots of fun to be had and so many things to learn about in San Antonio, Texas. The Trio explores one of the oldest cities in North America. They also visit the Alamo and meet some kids who perform traditional Mexican folk dances. It's time to get muddy on an Adventure Tour at Natural Bridge Caverns. Join the Trio as they crawl, slither and climb through knee-deep mud in the wildest part of the cave.

The Traveling Trio

Episode 08 - The Traveling Trio Goes Underground


Join the Trio to go underground in four countries on two continents. Descend deep into the Earth to taste the walls of a 700-year old salt mine. Venture through the creepy depths of a labyrinth. Explore a tiny cave in a tiny boat. Check out a graphite mine and get super muddy in the wildest part of one of the largest caves in Texas. There's a lot to do underground, so grab your passport (and your headlamp) and let's go!

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Episode 09 - The Castles of Central Europe


Castles are not only in fairy tales! The Trio visits six different castles in Central Europe, each with its own unique story to uncover. From the seaside palace of a Roman Emperor in Croatia to the crumbling remains of a castle that belonged to a legendary female vampire in the Slovak Republic, learn how each of these castles played an important role in the history of Europe and beyond.

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Episode 10 - The Foods of Central Europe


Get ready to try a lot of awesome foods. We'll make pierogi in Poland and pastries in Hungary. Learn all about the foods of Central Europe as we visit four countries. We'll eat anchovies in Croatia, langoš in Slovakia, and japrak in Bosnia. Don't worry about the names...just bring your appetite (and your fork). The Trio is ready to eat!

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Episode 11 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Follow the Trio to Bosnia and Herzegovina to learn about the Muslim religion, sample some traditional Balkan cuisine and discuss the rich history of the Balkans. Learn about a 450-year-old stone bridge that was designed by a Turkish architect. A recent war took a terrible toll on this town. There’s still a lot of damage but the town is coming back strong. The Balkans are full of history and the Trio is ready to explore!

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Episode 12 - Hungary


Starting in Budapest, the capitol of Hungary, the Trio travels by train to Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. With bustling resort towns and historic thatch-roofed villages, Lake Balaton is an amazing place to explore. Join the Trio to climb through the ruins of a medieval castle, swim in the cool waters of Lake Balaton, and head deep into the Earth for a boat ride through the watery caves of an underground lake. Let's go!

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  Episode 13 - Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma, USA

Join the Trio to learn all about Native Americans. From a private dance performance by a group of Comanche kids to the grand entry of one of the largest powwows in Oklahoma, the fun never stops. We'll visit a sanctuary that works to preserve the Native American connection to birds of prey. You’ll also experience the sights and sounds of 10,000 head of cattle at one of the largest cattle auctions in the world. Pull on your boots, and let’s go!

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