The Traveling Trio host - OliviaOlivia is definitely not your typical twelve-year old girl. She is driven by her need to create. She spends just about every free moment drawing, sewing or making something. She has been showing other kids (and adults) how to complete art and craft projects since 2008 with her online series, Oliart. Olivia is a deep thinker and can be quiet and pensive at times. But her good heart always bursts forth when someone needs a friend or ally. She is completely comfortable discussing just about any subject with adults and can carry on a thoughtful conversation. Olivia loves hats. She has a collection that is always growing. She is rarely without one.

Olivia’s dream destination is the Australian outback.

She has visited Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia. She has lived in London, England and the Slovak Republic.