Here's a sneak peek of Episode 01 - Trenčín, Slovakia.

Watch a segment of this episode. The full 25-minute version can be seen on TV. In episode 01, The Traveling Trio visits the medieval town of Trenčín, Slovakia where they learn about the region’s first Roman settlement (179 a.d.). The trio climbs the centuries-old wooden staircase that leads to the base of the castle, and makes the difficult journey to the top of the castle tower to see the view of the town and surrounding valley. From Trenčín, the trio visits other sites in Slovakia including Skalka, a 10th century monastery that is built into a cave and the amazing ruins of a remote castle. A visit to a folk festival gives the trio a chance to see other children performing traditional dances and playing traditional musical instruments. They also try Bryndzové halušky, a traditional Slovak dish made with sheep cheese. The episode wraps up with a visit to a local elementary school where the school children of a 5th-grade class show some of the things they learn before giving The Traveling Trio and viewers a lesson on the Slovak language.


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