Here's a sneak peek of Episode 08 - The Traveling Trio Goes Underground.

In this sneak peek, the Trio visits goes underground in four countries on two continents. The sneak peek includes the segment from Krakow, Poland where they descend deep into the Earth to taste the walls of a 700-year old salt mine and learn where salt comes from.

In the full episode, the Trio also travels to Hungary to venture through the creepy depths of the Buda Castle Labyrinth. While in Hungary, they'll also explore a tiny cave in a tiny boat in a tiny village. Then the Trio heads to the Czech Republic to learn about the stuff found in pencils, graphite, while visiting a graphite mine. It's time to get super muddy in Texas when the Trio takes part in the Adventure Tour at Natural Bridge Caverns. Join Olivia, Ingram and Everett as they crawl, slither and climb through knee-deep mud in the wildest part of the cave.
There's a lot to do underground, so grab your passport (and your headlamp) and let's go!


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